Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare Review (The Infernal Devices #1)

So I decided to start a blog purely for my love of reading and the fact that whenever I read a book I just want to LET OUT ALL MY EMOTIONS and nobody else seems to want to here them so…*sigh* I guess if your reading this then you get to enjoy my train of thoughts as I go through my opinion on Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.
Now if you haven’t read this book I strongly suggest going to your nearest bookstore and BUYING IT IMMEDIATELY along with every book related to this series. If you’re still reading this and you haven’t immediately run to the store then I am assuming you have read it as well and therefore here and now I am saying there will be spoilers. HUGE spoilers 🙂

Starting off with the characters (In order of how much I liked them :D) :

1. Will Herondale – Wow…I mean just wow Cassandra Clare really makes you love and hate this character at the same time. The connection between him and Tessa is so amazing and yet he seems to be determined to mess it up at every second. There are so many layers to his character and just when we seem to be able to hit something we get thrown off and shoved into another asshole move of his.
2. James Carstairs (also known as Jem) – I have such a soft spot for him. He is such a sweetheart and I really do like him and Tessa together. He’s half-British and half-Chinease and is addicted to a demon drug and the only way he can live is if he takes it. The drug weakens him and slowly takes away his life but without it he’s dead. He plays the violin 😉 and is absolutely charming and such a gentleman.
3. Tessa Gray – Okay so I prefer her to Clary from The Mortal Instruments series and I think she is so much more interesting to read then Clary. I also like that she doesn’t seem weak at all. She seems quite strong even though she does end up in the worst situations possible. Having such a jerk as her brother though, seeing as he’s the one who betrayed her, must be horrible.
4. Magnus Bane – GAAAHHH Magnus is back 😀 He’s one of my all time favorite characters from The Mortal Instruments! I couldn’t believe it when I read about him in the book I just wanted to squeal and shout so loud 😛
5. Charlotte and Henry Branwell – I just adore these characters 🙂 I love the way Cassandra has created them I mean the relationship between the two of them is just hilarious and I feel that deep down they two are so desperately in love with each other…they just don’t know how to show it yet 😀
6. Jessamine Lovelace (also known as Jess) – I have to admit, at first, not a fan. I didn’t enjoy reading about her at all but after a while she sort of grew on me. I sort of felt sorry for her and just wanted to give her a hug in the end. I still have this weird feeling about her -.-
7. Nate Gray – Probably one of the most annoying characters out of the whole book. Such a manipulative crazy guy who just wants power and control and doesn’t care who he needs to step on to get there. I mean the guy even gives over his own sister. What the hell dude? Just what the hell!?!?
8. Axel Mortmain – Don’t even get me started on this guy. I can’t even begin to explain how frustrated I am at this guy. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS???

Out of 10 points I’d give Cassandra 9 for her characters.

Now moving onto the plot:

I’m still in awe about how brilliant the story-line of this book is. The twist and turns it takes us through like learning about Tessa’s talents (how she can change into a person’s form just by holding something that belonged to them) and the first meeting of her and Will and then the first meeting of her and Jem. This is the first book where I liked the main character with both of the two male characters that ‘fight’ over her. Tessa’s just so likable it’s understandable how they seem to fall for her.
While they are searching for Nate (Tessa’s brother) I kept wanting to shout and be like SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT WITH THIS and when they found him at the vampire party and save him I felt like something was incredibly wrong about it. It seemed to have gone too smoothly and something seemed off with Nate as well. Then when it turns out he was just a manipulative asshole I wanted to scream at Tessa and say ‘I TOLD YOU SO’.
When Cassandra kills off Thomas I was so upset because I really liked his character. He was so sweet and thoughtful and really in love with Sophie and the fact he just ends up dying is so heartbreaking.
But what really did it for me was the ending when we finally get such a sweet scene with Will who believes that Tessa is dead. She sees how much he cares for her and they kiss and then he JUST BRUSHES HER OFF. Wait…WHAT!!!! Yeah he just brushes her off and I can’t even explain how frustrating that is. We realize something is wrong with Will and then the last part where he goes to Magnus I’m just like YES GO Team Magnus and Will (Wilnus? Magnill? Who knows)

Overall out of 10 points I give Cassandra an 10 in plot.

For overall language and style I give 9 points

And finally for originality I give 9 points as well.

So out of 40 points I give “Clockwork Angel” by Cassandra Clare 37 points.

An absolutely brilliant read that I recommend with all my heart.
So thanks if you’re still reading this 😀 Enjoy the rest of your day and please follow this blog if you want more on book/reviews/movie based off of books opinions/ etc.
Favorite Quote from the book: “Will looked horrified. “What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?”

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