Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare Review (The Infernal Devices #2)

Well I actually read the Clockwork Angel a month ago and I decided if I was going to start this blog then I was going to have to start with the first book of the Infernal Devices as to show my opinion of the books on a whole. Now I’m sitting right now staring at this paperback copy of Clockwork Prince. It still smells new. I’m staring and staring at it as if willing it to jump up and say “LOL kidding the ending’s changed now”. Yet again I will say that there will be spoilers in this review. Just so you know.

Okay if you’re continuing to read this I assume you have read it and are impatiently waiting to see my opinion on it. WHAT WAS WITH THAT ENDING???
I mean okay I get it – they need to have something in the third book for Tessa to still be fighting with but …WHY!? That last scene with Will and Tessa and the way you can just tell she really likes him and then she goes and accepts the proposal to Jem. Okay I mean…I kind of like her and Jem together and I don’t want him to get hurt but I mean come ooooon.

Plus what was with Jess in this book? I mean oh yeah you know Nate probably didn’t mean to try and kill her in the last book and of course he’s not using her and probably isn’t even properly married to her. -.- She really needs to start accepting who she is and stop being such a naïve bitch. I mean Charlotte and Henry did everything for her. They cared about her so much and how does she repay them? BY BETRAYING THEM.
But talking about Charlotte and Henry I mean just…naaaaw…I couldn’t keep a smile off my face while reading about them. Just the way they found out they were both in love with each other 😛 It was just…naaaaw…

Onto a bit of a downside in my opinion I felt the whole curse storyline was a bit weak in this book. I mean okay I like the idea that that’s why Will is so mean to everyone but the conversation with the demon was just pointless. It was like “oh yeah the curse was fake”…….so then WHAT WAS THE POINT OF IT? I feel like it should have been real so Will could have had to do something to break it (like kiss his true love) and then it would have been better. The whole fake thing was a bit cliché in my opinion.
Anyways still an amazing book which I recommend with ALL MY HEART J If you haven’t read this series (first off why are you reading this?) then GO GET IT NOW.

Which leads onto my rating of this book:
So for characters I give: 9 points
Plot: 8.5 points (the curse thing kind of let it down for me)
Originality: 8.5 points
Language and Style: 9 points

+ 1 point cover design

So overall I give this book: 36/40 points which is quite good for a second book of a series. Normally I find they aren’t that good because the first one was such a hit but you know. With Cassandra Clare’s amazing writing skills it’s obvious that we will never get bored.

Favorite Part: Will slid to the floor, his back against the armchair and threw his arms up. “A demon pox on all your houses!” he announced and yawned. “Oh God, weeks if pox jokes” said Jem “We’re for it now,” 

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