Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare Review (The Infernal Devices #3)

This book…this book, though it may be written beautiful and is sheer magic and an enjoyment to get lost in…this book is just so uuuuuuggggghhhhh (sorry for my lack of a proper adjective here…I couldn’t find anything suitable enough to fit my emotions at this present state of time).
If you have not already heard of the Infernal Devices series well then…GO READ IT :)) It is one of my all time favorite book series and I can’t express my love for it more.  Also since this review will contain SPOILERS, I do advise you to not read this until you have read the book and if you want to see my rating of it just scroll to the bottom of this post and ta-da you will see my amazingly high rating indicating how absolutely brilliant this book is, as I feel like I can sometimes harshly rate a book.
So, I’m guessing the rest of you still reading have read the book…First off…WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!?! This can’t be the last book in the series I mean…it just can’t be, I haven’t had enough time with the characters, I wanted to learn more about what happened to them all and the lives they lived after everything that happened.
Let’s talk about the elephant in the room first off…JEM…I mean just…I was so upset when he died and that scene with Will and the connection breaking and the blood and the feelings that were portrayed so perfectly in that page was just so…brilliant and I felt like I had said a true goodbye to Jem. But nope…it just wasn’t enough for Cassandra Clare when BAM Jem returns as none other but the Silent Brother Zachariah…I mean just…what??? I thought he couldn’t become a Silent Brother and the fact he…he just…huh?
The storylines involving Sophie and Gideon and Cecily and Gabriel were a light relief from the constant obsession with what was happening in the triangle with Will, Jem and Tessa. I liked how simple it was…they liked each other and so therefore they ended up together. I didn’t really get how Sophie turned into a shadowhunter because…excuse me if I’m wrong but I thought you had to be young to become a shadowhunter and…anyways I felt like it was just all tied up too…“neatly” in the end with them all ending happily ever after with lots of children and everything being perfect.
The next thing that happened in the book…WILL AND TESSA…I mean…Jem had just‘died’ and what do they decide to do…hook up…I mean her FIANCEE JUST DIED and that happened. Don’t get me wrong I love Will and Tessa together it’s just…I felt like it was so rushed and everything…
I’d heard about all the theories that Henry was going to die and etc. etc. but him being paralyzed…wasn’t a bad twist in the story and the name “Fairchild” being used instead of his own was quite a legit reason…But what was with the Consul dude?? I mean in the second book he’s all supportive and nice and I sort of thought he was a nice person and BAM he is just a manipulative controlling douchebag.
Don’t get me wrong while we’re on the topic of meeting new characters Tatiana Lightwood…was not a delight…she was sooo (excuse me saying) bitchy and I mean the whole thing with her father turning into a worm and eating her husband (what is happening with all the fiancées/husbands in this book) and she blames it ON HER OWN BROTHER…
Yes Magnus (one of my all time favorite characters) is our link to the cat Church and the New York Institution (where he meets Alec 😉 ) Although I hated Jessamine after the second book her death scene was just…heartbreaking and the emotion I felt from the two characters was just so…gaaaah
Mortmain got what he deserved as did Ms Black and all the robotic creatures and CHARLOTTE GOT COSUL POSITION!!!
The ONLY thing that really bugged me apart from the hook-up scene was the LAST SCENE. What?!?! Cassandra Clare please tell me you did not just put Tessa and Jem together…After all that she gets to have both of them?? I mean…ugh…cliché just a bit…
But OTHER THAN THAT…it was just the perfect ending to the series I mean everything just tied up so perfectly with the Starkweather story-line and the transformation scene with the angel and just everything…

Characters: 9 points
Originality: 10 points
Plot: 9 points
Language/Style: 10 points

So overaaall that is a grand 38/40 which surprises me because normally in a series there has to be one weak book, which disappoints me and yet THIS series has me interested the whole time. Even if I’ve just spoilt everything that happens for you I recommend this series to you…

If you’ve got a favorite series/book/author that you want me to review/check out feel free to leave a message. I am in need of a new book obsession now that I’ve read The Fault in our Stars and the Delirium series and the last book of this series…I just don’t know what to read at the moment xD

Favorite Part: “Mr. Rochester never courted Jane Eyre,” Tessa pointed out.

“No, he dressed up as a woman and terrified the poor girl out of her wits. Is that what you want?”

“You would make a very ugly woman.”

“I would not. I would be stunning.”

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