The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini Review

(*Taking deep breaths*)

This book guys…this book is just so…you have to have read it to understand the mental pain I am going through at the moment. Each scene and twist and turn this writer puts you through it so…so painful and yet mesmerizing at the same time. You don’t want to tear your eyes from the page even though you know it would be better to do it (you wouldn’t cry as much) but you can’t allow yourself to do that in case you miss something important. Did that make any sense? Probably not my eyes are just too blurry from how much this book made me cry.
If you haven’t read the book then I suggest you move away from this review, pick up the darn book and read it immediately. Now. Like right now. What are you still doing here reading this? Go!
If you’re a young reader (around the 11-15 age) and are not used to books with mature content then this is definitely not for you. There are some serious issues that occur in this book and unless you are comfortable reading about some vivid real life issues that are quite disturbing I suggest maybe reading this book when you’re a little bit older.
Now moving onto the character review:
Amir: Quite a relatable character to read from. I find it quite interesting to finally read from a guy’s perspective for once since most books nowadays seem to be constantly written from a girl’s perspective. I didn’t like what he did to Hassan but I forgave him in the book when I realized how bad he felt. He had a tough life and he did everything he could for Sohrab and I respected him for that. He didn’t know the truth about Hassan since nobody told him.
Hassan: Loved this character so so so much. He reminded me a bit of Lenny from “Of Mice and Men”…like the big cuddly teddy bear kind od character that you couldn’t help loving. *still crying*
Rahim Khan: iuyerkuygwekjdhewq. How could he and Baba keep that secret from them. I’m still fuming. It’s just…arrrrg. I enjoyed his character up till then and when he revealed that secret I just wanted to go in a slap him -.-
Baba: Felt bad for him with what ended up happening but was smiling throughout the scene where Hassan finally plucked up the courage for him to ask for the girl’s hand in marriage. It was so sweet. Still angry at him for what he did though.
Assef: Don’t even get me started with this guy. Complete asshole. Deserved everything that came to him. pougdskauyfjghasdb -.-
Sohrab: This boy broke my heart. Everything that happened to him and then what he did in the hotel room it’s just. Too much.
Overall this story places you on an emotional roller coaster and you need to hold on for dear life. Hosseini throws in mountains of twists and turns that make you cry and attempt to pull out your hair (don’t actually do that it hurts). Yet he also makes realistic choices and shows that life is unfair and these things happen. There are no happy endings for everybody and nobody gets wonderful miracles happening to them. It’s the cold hearted truth.

Characters: 9 points
Plot: 9 points
Originality: 9 points
Language/Style: 9 points

Totaling a grand 36 points. This is just a beautifully written book that I couldn’t put down. I cringed and cried and smiled and closed my eyes so many times, which doesn’t happen often for me with books. Normally I just feel sad or depressed if something bad happens but with this book…it made me really emotional.
If you haven’t read it…read it. If you have…tell me how you felt throughout it. Did you enjoy it? Did you cry? Did you not like it? Whatever you want to say say it 🙂

Favorite Part: “For you, a thousand times over,” I heard myself say. 

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