The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan Review (Heroes of Olympus #3)

Okay just…just…HUH?!?!?! No no no no no that cannot be the ending of the book already I mean…Did my book come with a missing chapter or something o.o Did I NOT GET THE RESCUE CHAPTER?!?! So I just finished this book…10 minutes ago…I’m trying to compose myself so I can write this…Okay deep deep deep deep breaths…If you haven’t read this book or the series then I suggest you stay the Tartarus away from this review cause I will spoil the heck out of this book.


Percy: Well I can’t say I wasn’t ecstatic over seeing him again. One of the best characters I have read about in a long long time. I can’t get enough of the books. They just NEVER get boring. So many brilliant lines from him and so many touching moments with Annabeth and that finale…THAT FINALE…okay we’ll get to that later…
 I have always loved Annabeth throughout the whole series. I do feel her character has softened a bit during the series as she has grown to care for Percy but that judo move when she sees him 🙂 Hilarious!
Not an interesting character in my opinion. I LOVED him the ‘The Lost Hero’ but in this book he just seemed to keep getting knocked out and NOT HELPING OUT PEOPLE WHEN HE WAS NEEDED TO…I’m extremely angry at him at them moment so excuse my anger 😛
So so many chapters from her perspective…This whole book was just based on Piper, Annabeth and Leo’s stories and opinions and though I do sometimes enjoy the adventures with Piper…these chapters were not my particular favs.
Leo, Leo, Leo Why aren’t you a real boy? I would sooo date you if you were real!! I am so in love with this character and that horrible scene with the ‘seventh wheel’ ugh NO Leo would never be that because everybody loves him! (or is that just me 😉 )
I know not many people like Frank BUT I DO!!! He’s like what Annabeth described him as a warm fluffy teddy-bear! 🙂 I especially loved that scene where he turned into a gold-fish :DD I can never look at him the same way anymore 🙂
Stuck in a triangle ALREADY…I don’t exactly adore her but I do love how she is so old-fashioned and proper compared to all the other kids. It really emphasizes her situation.


Okay now onto serious topics. RICK RIORDAN…WHY??? I got so into this book, absolutely sucked in and what happens?!?!?! That ENDING…
The beginning was BEAUTIFUL, so stunning and dramatic with the boat arriving at the Roman Camp and the reunion of Percy and Annabeth. Just pure gold that scene was. ALSO did I mention a character from one of MY FAVORITE myths was in this book. The scene with Leo and Hazel? Narcissus is my all time favorite story and I was squealing with excitement reading his scene. He became everything I wanted and Echo, sweet Echo was described exactly how I imagined her. The scene with Hercules and with Nico…I mean every scene was just perfect.
I was disappointed a little bit with 2 things in the book though. I felt sort of let down with the Leo and Hazel storyline. It would have been extremely interesting having Leo BEING Sammy instead of just a relation of his and though it was a touching scene it also made their relationship a little complicated and twisted in my mind?
Also Piper and Jason’s relationship is so…childish? I mean compared to Percy and Annabeth’s of course. We get that beautiful portrayal of love from Piper and then Jason just…iahsdkjsad. I was extremely disappointed with that. I wanted to see their relationship grow and develop and become more mature but instead they’re just…not.
now let’s talk about THAT ENDING…oh dear that ending…HOW CAN PERCY AND ANNABETH BE IN TARTARUS all their enemies are there and they are literally being thrown INTO HELL. Rick RIordan did these two characters anger you or something? You just decided “What the hay let’s just toss my two most beloved characters into the deepest pit of hell!” -.- NO I DEMAND YOU TO RELEASE THEM…
Nico better get his ass down there and take them back up or else I will toss all my Percy Jackson books into a bin and burn them (not really I could never do that to any book). Also don’t go getting any ideas RIordan to go and kill Frank, Leo or any of the main characters like you did to Luke…Just…NO…

Characters:10 points
Plot: 9 points
Originality: 10 points
Language and Style: 10 points

Total: 39 POINTS :)))

Well that was my extremely long opinion of the book 🙂 Moving onto another review hopefully tomorrow? I couldn’t wait to discuss this book with you guys and I can’t wait FOR THE NEXT ONE 🙂

Favorite Part: “You dropped this,” he said, totally poker-faced.”

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