The Selection by Kiera Cass Review (The Selection #1)

This book right here. This book is worth the hype. Wait…scratch that it’s worth 10000000x THE HYPE. WOW. It was just…ahhh it is crazy I finished it in one day? Maybe? No? Haha I don’t know…when I get into a book I can’t stop and nothing else matters to me anymore. School? My social life? The future? Nope, nothing except whether she ends up with Prince Maxon. I got too attached to these characters (as I probably say with every book I’ve reviewed) but these ones are way too special. Especially Maxon…he’s my dear. If you haven’t read this book then go out and buy it, come back and send me a message of what you thought! Spoilers will be said in this review because…I want to discuss my thoughts with people who’ve read it cause my mind is going crazy right now! SO excuse my long review because…there’s a lot to say.


America Singer: At first I have to admit I hated her. She was too naïve and too…good (?) for my liking. I couldn’t connect with her. No real human could be that good-natured! BUT then when she was with Maxon BOY was she real and emotional and…human. I really enjoyed her in those specific scenes.
Prince Maxon: Another too perfect character in one of the many books I read. WHY CAN’T HE BE REAL? I think probably second to Will Herondale and Peeta he is my favorite guy character. I just…I can’t…he’s too perfect…I want him.
Aspen: Grr. Grr. Double Grr. Okay putting personal issues aside referring to the name I’m going to say I didn’t like him from the start. NOT BECAUSE OF THE NAME but because of his character. I liked him in the first five seconds of reading about him and then BOOM serious hate. He just expected her to always follow him and not have any opinions of her own. Like a bubblehead…I hated when she was with him because…ugh she turned all gooey-like and annoying and too much like how she was in the beginning when I couldn’t relate to her.
Marlee: Aww she’s precious. But I’m a little on the hesitant side with whether we can trust her. Maybe I’m not the only one but I have this feeling like she’s going to betray America. Not sure when or how but I feel it. If that does happen in the next book I CALLED IT HERE.
Celeste: I can think of a four-lettered word concerning her.
America’s family: Sweethearts all of them. Especially May and Gerard (Gerald?) too sweet and innocent. Her other older brother is a selfish prick but hey. All families aren’t perfect but I agree with America that her mother is a little bit too…forceful.
The maids-in-waiting: Okay if her family members are sweethearts than her maids-in-waiting are saints. I love them. They’re too kind and sweet and remind me of ‘The Princess Diaries II’ movie where she had her own personal maids and they were so lovely to her.


Beautifully written, amazing story building and the world she has created is breathtaking. To be honest so far out of all the worlds I’ve read so far THIS is the one I feel is the most precise to how we will end up. (We already have Bachelor and Bachelorette TV shows sooo…) But her basic concept of how we will live in statuses referring to what our ‘number’ is…sheer brilliance. I feel I’d be a 5. I couldn’t stand to be any of the other ones because without music my life would be empty. I did have that feeling like I was watching Bachelor when I read this book, as many other readers have said they had but of course, this one was more real… I personally don’t like the Bachelor show so when I started reading it I immediately thought ‘Oh…no, please no…I thought this was going to be a good book!’ but afterwards when I got into it, it was all okay.

I couldn’t believe the ending…I mean just…grrr. SHE PICKED HIM OKAY! Her saying to you ‘I need to let myself see what happens’ is really her way of saying ‘GO AWAY YOU SELFISH ASS.’ But of course his eyes light up when he sees it will be a challenge. Of course he only wants her now the Prince is into her and there may be a future with him and she may end up rich and perfectly happy. Damn Him…stupid guy never learns to leave the girl alone after he crushed her heart into a billion pieces. Maxon understands her. He gets her. I mean he truly cares about her and stupid Aspen is going to ruin it somehow I promise you. I mean the kiss was so different with the Prince then it was with Aspen. Sweet, innocent, caring and full of love. Not sexual passion that doesn’t show any true emotions behind it. Grrr.

I couldn’t help finding myself enjoying Celeste’s character. I know everybody gets all het up about her and how mean she is but to be honest, she’s the entertainment in the book. You can’t have girls fighting over a guy without one of them being a complete wacko. I liked her, I don’t like the idea she’s one of the Elite but I think she’s a necessary character to have. She reminds me a bit of Clove from the Hunger games..I have NO idea why but she just does and I don’t know we need some sort of bad-ass characters in the mix.

I have no idea what is going on with these rebels, southerners, northerners, they’re all just crazy, why can’t they go back to protesting in front of the castle instead of literally going in and attempting to murder everyone? I understand the Northerners are ‘looking for something’, or even ‘just trying to cause trouble’ but it’s not funny at all, it’s scary because I fear for all the characters in the book’s lives…THEY NEED TO LEAAAVE.

Characters: 9
Plot: 9
Originality: 9
Language/Style: 9

Giving ‘The Selection’ a wonderful 36 out of 40 points. I’m so excited to read the next book (WHICH JUST CAME IN MY POST RIGHT NOW) and I feel like I don’t know how she’s going to make this into a trilogy. I mean I understand the next chapter being about the Elite stage of the competition but…but…I don’t know I feel like this is going to be a hard one to match you know?

Favorite part of the book:
“I hit your thigh!”
“Oh, please. A man doesn’t need that long to recover from a knee to the thigh”

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  1. Yes! I’ve found someone who dislikes Aspen as much as me! I loved your point about him liking the challenge. So true. He was okay with breaking up and hurting her until he realized she was actually doing well in the selection.

    1. Exactly my point! Thank goodness I’m not the only one who disliked him ^^ I have a couple of friends who are actually rooting for them to end up together saying that he’s the one who “truly loves her and was only interested in her not 35 other girls as well” but sorry to them because Prince Maxon is going to be the real winner here!

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