One Day by David Nicholls Review

It seems that all the books I read make me cry. Why do these authors have to throw in so many sad events? I mean I get so connected to these characters and they seem to be heading for happy endings and BOOM it all goes wrong. Just…why!?!?!
I think the bad thing about this was that I watched the movie first. Therefore I knew everything that was going to happen and all I kept thinking throughout the book was…is this the chapter? Or is that it? I have my tissues next to me so I’ll be prepared! But I wasn’t…obviously…because it’s…me.

If you haven’t read it…don’t read this cause it will spoil it. I don’t take any responsibility from now on!


Dex: Everytime I read his name my mind flashed to Dexter in the tv show I watch…it wasn’t intentional but I couldn’t stop myself and then it felt weird because I couldn’t imagine that character in this book 😛 But I loved his character…just the ups and downs he went through made him relatable and just so…human.
Emma: I liked her more and more as the book went on. At first I found her a bit desperate…like she needed him more than he needed her but as the book went on it bounced back and forth between them until they needed each other equally (which is how I feel a relationship should be like!) What happened in the book was just…*sobs*

I liked the plot. It was enjoyable watching them grow as people every year on the same day, seeing what they were doing, almost as if we were spying on them. We didn’t see all the events that occurred in their lives which was nice because it felt more like we were watching them from afar and observing them as they grew. I especially like that we didn’t see that time they finally hooked up. It gave them more privacy and didn’t make the book seem trashy. I have to admit I did get bored sometimes and might have *cough* flicked past a feeew pages but I still enjoyed it none the less.
The one thing I will not forgive Nicholls for is what he did to Emma. I will not forgive him for that and next time I read another one of his books I’m not going to get attached to any of his characters in case he does what he did in this book again. He’s like another Nicholas Sparks except this time I felt more upset because I didn’t see it coming as much.

Characters: 8 points
Plot: 7 points (just because of what happened with Emma)
Originality: 9 points
Language/Style: 8 points

That gives David Nicholls book a total of 32 points. Quite a high mark considering what he did -.- I will hold a grudge with him forever (of course that is unless he personally writes me a different ending in which what happens with Emma doesn’t ever happen)But other then that if you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it. The writing is beautiful and the characters are so well-developed that you never want it to end. 🙂

Favorite Part: “This is where it all begins. Everything starts here, today.” 

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