Divergent by Veronica Roth Review

Okay so I found out about this book from a book channel on youtube. I’d heard it was becoming quite popular and yet restraint myself from reading it because I knew if I started it I would never want to stop. Hence leading onto all the emotions I’m feeling right now after having read this book.
If you haven’t read Divergent then go get it and sit reading it until you can read no more. I swear I’ve read this book over 16 times and I just finished it two days ago and that’s coming from a person who finds it hard to reread books. That is how good it is.
So the first overall impression I got when starting to read this was that it was going to be a cheap “Hunger Games” wannabee series. There were similar ideas and characters in the book that sort of gave the futuristic vibe that I got when reading The Hunger Games. Yet it’s completely different.


Four – Well when I first heard the character was called Four the image of the movie ‘I am number Four’ came into my mind and I couldn’t stop laughing. But when you gradually get past that little annoying comparison you can see that the characters are not even a little bit alike. Four is such a powerful character and his relationship with Tris is especially something that made me love the book more. There wasn’t a stupid triangle with ‘Teams’ in this book that I admired a lot. He did have a sort of ‘Finnick’ quality to him but the way his character developed was really good.

Tris/Beatrice – She was quite a strong main character. The way her ideas/thoughts/opinions developed, as we got deeper into her mind was extremely well done. The emotional connection we felt to her and the way we seemed to be in the story alongside her was beautifully done by Victoria Roth and I admired her choices in the way Tris was presented.

Caleb – Loved, loved, loved Caleb with a passion just because he I knew he was going to be that ‘typical’ sibling in the series. I knew he was going to pick a faction that everyone disliked and his relationship with Tris at the beginning and the way you could tell they cared for each other made reading about them enjoyable.

Peter – Would it be weird to say that I oddly liked his character? He just seemed like a wannabee bad-guy who may just end up being really good in the end. I have a feeling there is just something about him we may not know like something that is making him act the way he does.

Will – NOT WILL…ANYBODY BUT WILL! I can’t believe he dies in the end I mean I loved his relationship with Christina and then Tris just. She just. NOOO

Christina – I’m unsure as to whether I like her or not. She reminds me of Shay from ‘Uglies’ and I liked her in the beginning but then she turned and ended up being somebody I really despised…I’m undecided…

Al – Just a little lost puppy who I wanted to hug – I STILL think his death wasn’t a suicide. I think maybe somebody killed him.
Okay so the overall plot itself was just…hmm…how can I put it into words…Crazy, amazing, vivid, beautiful etc. I could just use up every adjective I can think of that means brilliant to describe how wonderful the plot to this book was. The theory itself with the divergents in it was so different and interesting to consider. The setting of the story still did make me think that there was a Hunger Games feeling to it so it took a while to click my mind into the idea that we weren’t with Katniss and Peeta.
Dauntless is one kick-ass faction that I would love to observe. If I had to pick a faction I probably wouldn’t pick it but I’d choose it as one of my favorites to watch just because I like some of the things they do there. If I tried out though, I’d probably fall off the train after the first few seconds.
The transfers that chose Dauntless were awesome. Peter – an obsessive winner. Edward – strong and yet now eyeless. Molly, Drew etc.
I did not see the storyline of Four’s real name coming though. When I found out he was Marcus’s son and was called Tobias I freaked out. I thought it was such a good twist that a lot of people wouldn’t have suspected which in my mind only increases the amount of talent Veronica Roth has.
I’m still obsessed with the idea that Al’s death wasn’t suicide and the scene with Will was so sad and the fact her mum died and was part of Dauntless and was a divergent as well.


Characters: 9 points
Originality: 10 points
Plot: 10 points
Language/Style: 10 points.

So I’ve given this book 39/40 points which indicates how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING IT IS!!!

Favorite Part:   “Can you be a girl for a few seconds?” “I’m always a girl” I frown. “You know what I mean. Like a silly, annoying girl” I twirl my hair around my finger. “Kay.” 

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