Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Review

When this book came in the post I jumped up and down and rushed into my bedroom to read it immediately. I had been in Paris with two close friends when one of them told me about this. They’d said I would 100% enjoy it (which I did) and I HAD to get my hands on a copy. After hearing about it from her all I could see around the web was more and more people reviewing and buying and loving this book. I knew at that moment I had to have it. People weren’t just causing this much hype over nothing.
So when my mother said she’d buy me a couple of new books guess which one was practically on the top of the list? This book is amazing. It was a little bit distracting that it was written in the future in 2014 because that’s just one year away and I can’t imagine something being built like the OASIS any time soon. If you haven’t read it yet go ahead and read it before coming back and checking this out because you wouldn’t want to spoil yourself now would you? 🙂


Parzival (Wade): His character was fascinating, although at times I do admit the amount of background information he added in made my eyes wander a liiittle bit, but he was also real. He was overweight, spotty, not drop-dead gorgeous and so much easier to relate to than all the too-perfect characters that are created in stories these days. He didn’t always say the right thing and he made mistakes but in the end all his hard work and passion for what he did and who he loved helped him end up in the right place.

Aech (Helen): I should of seen that coming…about this character. The fact that Ernest Cline kept referring to people being able to take the avatar of any gender, personality and look (much like the Internet nowadays) meant that eventually one of the people Wade met was going to be hiding behind some sort of false identity. I sort of had a hunch it was Aech but I wasn’t sure because she seemed so interested in Art3mis.

Art3mis (Samantha): She was a tad bit full of herself at the beginning. Especially when Wade was all ready to dump the whole quest just to be with her. All anybody thought about was this egg and in the end the one who needed it the most ended up with it (HA Art3mis so there!) But yeah eventually I really enjoyed reading about her especially her appearance because she, like Wade, was realistic. Heavier, had a mark on her face, wasn’t stunning or model-like and he still loved her no matter what. That there is real emotion.

Sorrento: Who the heck does this guy think he is? Threatening Wade and then attempting to murder him? Does he really think so highly of himself that he believes he can just get away with it? Like…REALLY?!?!?

Og (Morrow) and Halliday: Loved these two. Yes I found their friendship adorable and thought that Morrow obviously still cared about Halliday no matter why or how they fought. In the end he (Morrow) came through.


Did I find the plot to be stunningly amazing? To be honest not really. I found that the story lacked a lot of action. There was a lot of background information and chapters that seemed the just be fillers to make the story longer. After reading how Wade opened the first gate I got agitated and couldn’t make myself focus on any other part of the storyline except ‘Does he get the egg in the end?’
I also found some places to be quite…disappointing? Confusing maybe? For instance the death of his Aunt seemed so…empty, emotionless…as if he didn’t care. There was no pain about the last relative he had was dead because of him. Didn’t he feel anything at all? And just the fact he went to the chatroom with Aech, Art3mis, Shoto and Daito (</3) he didn’t seem to act like somebody had just died. He told them all as if he was telling them a bed-time story. No sadness, no hysteria…no nothing. I didn’t find myself appreciating this at all. Yes she wasn’t the nicest of people but she was still his family. There must have been some sort of sadness knowing that he was the cause of hers and many others’ death.
The relationship building of Art3mis also seemed too fast. He referred to letters they wrote and yet doesn’t allow the reader to have access to them. Yes, it was nice having the privacy between them blah blah blah BUT the fact he suddenly blurts out how he’s in love with her makes me cringe because it doesn’t seem that they were even near that stage at all.
Breaking in and stealing the info from the computers? Highly unrealistic how he got away with that. But not only that, the sheer chance he ended up winning because of that coin? Felt a bit off as well. Of course I guessed his wish at the end but COME ON. We didn’t get much closure as to what ended up happening to them all, whether he shut down OASIS, whether they got the fortune, house everything. I got very annoyed by all of this.
BUT other than that I loved the world, the concept, the characters and the overall atmosphere I felt while reading this. I just hope they don’t pounce on this and ruin it with a movie version (just searched that on the Internet and Ernest Cline has indeed sold the rights for a movie version to be made. SHAME ON YOU CLINE. SHAME ON YOU.)


Characters: 8 points
Plot: 7.5 points
Originality: 10 points
Language/Style: 7.5 points

Giving Ready Player One 33/40 points! Woooh! Now all I have to do is wait for the movie to come out and then I can write a review on how the ruined the whole thing. (Sorry the latest Percy Jackson movie has me cringing over book-movie things)

Favorite Part: “I watched a lot of YouTube videos of cute geeky girls playing ’80s cover tunes on ukuleles. Technically, this wasn’t part of my research, but I had a serious cute-geeky-girls-playing-ukuleles fetish that I can neither explain nor defend.”

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