The Elite by Kiera Cass Review (The Selection #2)

As always I find myself leaning a bit away from this series. I never find the second book the be as… successful (?) as the first one. The writing was up to the same standard, the plot was… okay but I couldn’t find myself getting as addicted as I did with ‘The Selection’.With that book I could hardly put it down. It sucked me into the world and had me going through emotional twists and turns and it was just beautiful. I feel that in this one Kiera Cass needed a lot of fillers to stretch this series into a trilogy. The plot wasn’t as strong as it was in the first book and there were a lot of unnecessary events going on. I mean whenever the story took a dip down BOOM there had to be a rebel attack and suddenly there’s a load of action until dum dum dum it’s all done. There were way too many attacks in the period of The Selection. I found myself constantly worrying about these characters that don’t exist, even in my spare time when I wasn’t reading it because I felt like the rebels were going to attack them at any second.

I mean okay first off the cover design was beautiful. The colors were gorgeous and reminded me of Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones if you get what I mean? I loved it and may I also add it looks stunning on my bookshelf.

America wasn’t strong in this book. I felt as an audience member we didn’t feel any sympathy for her because in all reality she was acting like a Grade A spoilt brat. Everything had to go her way and when Prince Maxon started getting interested in somebody else everything had to stop because now she wanted him. It didn’t matter that she was kissing Aspen secretly in some secret room right? Prince Maxon was the cheater here. I mean okay the Celeste scene was a little bit over the top but America was being completely obnoxious, snubbing him off at every second I can’t blame the guy for wanting to pretend to feel loved for just a second.

The King is a bastard (sorry for my language but he was) and to be honest I don’t blame Maxon for wanting to go off and pretend to have some attention from somebody else. Who does America think she is? I mean honestly she sits around with Aspen behind the Prince’s back even though she knows she could end up dead (which will probably be the conflict in the last book of the series but honestly guys…she can be such a big b**** sometimes!

I do like the Queen and honestly who predicted what was going to happen with Officer Woodwork and Marlee? I did from the very beginning I mean come on she was “gazing dreamily out the window” when going to “sneak off to the bathroom” and American runs into this officer who suddenly knows her names…uh…Hello?

When Aspen appeared on page 2 I was ready to grab the book and slam it down. NO. Did you hear me Kiera Cass? NO ASPEN! I don’t like him he’s an ass who thinks he can get whatever he wants whenever he wants it. Just. No. More. Please. And when America says “while attempting to find someone he’d be happy with in the event I couldn’t ever love him” I was ready to wack her on on the head. Does she think she needs to sit around and let these guys fight over her? Is she royalty? I’m sorry but no she isn’t and then Maxon is interested in somebody else and she gets jealous and THEN decides she wants him. Sorry Hun but NO.

Overall it was sort of disappointing and I can’t help dreading the last book because…I dunno this book just confuses me as to whether or not I even like the series now (I mean okay OBVIOUSLY I do but…eh not as much now)

Characters – 7 points
Plot – 6 points
Originality – 7 points
Language/Style – 7 points

So out of 40 points ‘The Elite’ scored in my opinion 27 points…not bad and yet not amazing!
I don’t know whether or not to be excited about the last book or not. I mean it’s out in 2014 and yet I don’t find myself dying to get it right now you know?

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