The House of Hades by Rick Riordan Review (Heroes of Olympus #4)

Phew…did it take me this long to write up my review? Whoops sorry about that! I’ve been so swamped down with homework and twenty billion rehearsals to go to for millions of performances that I haven’t seemed to have the chance to write this up.
First off, I loved this book. Actually to be honest even if it wasn’t that good I still would have loved it because that’s how much I love the Percy Jackson series. I think it’s because I’m so into Greek and Roman mythology (and it does help me in my Classical Civilizations class). The way Rick Riordan writes this series is beautiful. I don’t think I could ever get bored of his characters or plots because it doesn’t feel that he’s stretching the story out to get more money, it feels more like he is trying to include is in the lives of these characters that we love so much.
There are going to be spoilers in this review so you’ve been warned ^^ (though if you haven’t read this book already I’m mentally shaking my finger at you in shame and urge you to grab a copy now!)

Percy & Annabeth: Since most of the time through the story they’re together I decided I’d place them in a category together ^^. Also I just like the idea that they’re back together…even if it’s in Tartarus. I have to admit there were times were I got bored with Annabeth’s perspective. (Don’t murder me fellow Percy Jackson fans I’m being completely honest here) I don’t know why but there were some times where I would *awkward pause* skim through her pages? Okay! I’m sorry but the story just got really tiresome and I kinda of wanted to see what would happen with Leo and Nico xD
Nico: One of my favorite characters from the book. I strongly disliked him throughout the books where he betrayed Percy and was basically a whiny kid. But now…I mean he’s my dear oh I don’t know how to explain it I just love him ^^ I wanted to hug him through the scene with Cupid. Why did he have to put him through that? I strongly dislike Cupid right now…he’s mean.
Leo: Oh come on who doesn’t love Leo? I loved his scenes with Calypso and they’re just so…d’aw they’re just so cute together. When he landed on her island I thought that it was going to be some sort of…lame subplot but instead it was like taking a breath of fresh and and watching love blossom into a beautiful flower. I loved the scene with the dwarfs (honestly I was reading this book in front of a friend and kept laughing and they kept looking at me like I was crazy…awkwaaaard) but yes Leo is just…the best character in this series so far 🙂
Jason & Piper: WHY DOES THIS GUY EXIST? LIKE I MEAN…JUST…WHY. He never helps them out he never does anything except sit and fly in at the last moment. He needed Hazel to tell him the plan and just…ugh…what does Piper see in him? AND SPEAKING OF PIPER honestly these two are like the worst counter Percy & Annabeth. It’s like she’s attempting to replace Annabeth as the next female leader and that’s
Hazel and Frank: They’re honestly the sweetest, cutest, innocent couple in the book. I love reading about them and their opinions and point of view and just everything about them. I loved their development in this story especially with Frank’s transformation and Hazel discovering her powers with the Mist.

So I enjoyed the plot, I promise you I did…but…there was always something in the back of my head…it just bothered me and I don’t know if it bothered anybody else but they’re ages just completely seem different to how mature they are. I mean I’m 17 and I don’t even act the way some of them do. Plus all this relationship stuff feels like something my age would go through but the I remember they’re like 13-16 years old…just something that bugs me ^^
I didn’t enjoy the scene with Piper…I got really confused especially with the charm speak and the dragon’s head it just…didn’t make sense to me (not that it should since it’s fiction but normally it should make some sort of sense to the reader right?) as well as the return of the ‘Ice Princess’ I mean okay we get it she created enemies with them but why do they keep popping up? I mean I don’t see a huge fan-base on tumblr for them.
I liked Leo and Calypso’s chapters (as I mentioned before) as they were a nice breath of fresh air from all the doom and gloom down in Tartarus.
Hazel and Frank were hilarious and adorable and I just wanted to pat them on the head and pinch their cheeks but then I realized Hazel was like  13/14 and not as old as I pictured her to be ^^ Frank was so much cooler in this book as well and boy did he turn into a hunk now 🙂 He sort of reminds me of a young Percy Jackson for some reason and I feel like something bad is going to happen to him but come on guys what about that bromance between Leo and Frank when he brought back the bag for Frank’s wood. I mean okay it was a shame for Hazel because it was sort of romantic him trusting her with his life (literally) but yes it’s nice for him to feel a bit in control.
Nico…nico nico nico and Percy…I dunno what’s going to happen there but I liked the scene with Jason and Nico. That was the only time I felt Jason be even a tiny bit helpful. I just hope Nico doesn’t fall for him as well and I DON’T WANT NICO DEAD DO YOU HEAR ME RICK RIORDAN? No. Just NO. He’s in my top 5 characters at the moment. I would be depressed for ages if that happened.

Characters: 7 points (-1 for Jason&Piper)
Plot: 7 points
Originality: 8 points
Language/Style: 8 points

Leaving this book with 30 out of 40 points which in my opinion is amazing for a 4th book in a series as normally after the second book a series can flop into something really bad ^^
So if you haven’t already read this book as I said before, pick it up and tell me what you though of it ^^
I cannot wait for the next one ugh I can’t believe it’s so far away </3

Favorite Part: But magic is neither good nor evil. It is a tool, like a knife. Is a knife evil? Only if the wielder is evil.

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