Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier Review (Ruby Red #1)

IMG_9977I didn’t expect myself to enjoy this book as much as I did. Actually, scratch that that was a lie; I knew I was going to enjoy it from the moment I read the blurb. A girl who travels back in time and partners with an attractive young man whose families are destined to have tragic love stories. Sounds pretty good to me. From the beginning when we are introduced to Charlotte we know she’s not really the girl with the time-traveling gene. Obviously the main character is going to be the one who is traveling back in time but it felt a bit too rushed for me at the beginning. So as normal I’m warning you guys that this will have spoilers so if you don’t want to read spoilers…just leave I guess?


Gwen – I’m not sure if I like her or not. I mean I enjoy reading from her perspective and I find that Kerstin Gier really builds her up as a character and allows us as readers to learn more about her and gain insight into her mind but…I don’t know if I like her. She’s a bit whiny and a little naïve, especially with Gideon whom she has met for a period of a few days and already is making out with him…like…hmm…
Gideon – I really like him and his character. He reminds me so much of Will Herondale and the sort of character he was like. One second he is wooing her and the next her is acting like a stuck-up arrogant ass…seems legit. I don’t like the way he is with Charlotte, I mean, okay I understand they grew up together but you don’t treat a girl like that after you’ve just kissed her cousin…it’s wrong.
Lesley – She seems like such an amazing friend. If I had a friend that I told I was seeing ghosts and she believed me, I would be having the best friendship in the world.
Charlotte – I sort of get her…like I mean, I understand why she acts the way she is. For years, her stuck up mother has been creating her into this wonderful person with extraordinary talent ‘destined for greatness’ and goes around saying she’s so special and different and then for that to all be taken away in a second by her cousin…it’s got to be a bit hard. Not only that but to know that the guy you’ve been training your whole life with and have crushed on for a while, is going to be travelling with your not so bad looking cousin…yeah not fun.
Gwen’s family – let’s be honest here…nobody would want to be in this family (with exception to Gwen’s Mum and Great Aunt and her siblings of course). When she tries to get help from her relatives after being scared to death, (which travelling back in time a couple of years would do that to you) they all claim she is trying to get attention and stealing the spotlight from Charlotte…support.
Count – Don’t like him. Don’t like him one bit. He’s up to something. I can tell.
Secret Society Members – I really like the characters she has picked in this group. The seamstress, the doctor, the expert I mean it’s like having the funny trio throughout the book helping the two kids on missions.


Okay now we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s discuss the actual plot. As I mentioned before I felt like the beginning was extremely weak. It felt really childish and not something I was going to enjoy. I didn’t like the History Teacher or Gordon or Cynthia…or really any of the characters at all. Then as soon as we meet Gideon I found myself enjoying the book. He adds humor and a touch of something which none of the other characters do.
I did enjoy the scene with the Count. It went exactly how I thought it was going to…badly, especially the whole neck-chocking thing…that was delightful. Charlotte and Gwen’s Aunt reacted exactly how I thought they were going to as well…badly. Claiming she was taking attention from them I mean WHO WOULD WANT TO HAVE THE TRAVELLING GENE ANYWAYS?? From what I’ve read it’s not pretty…this whole society thing…sounds terrifying to me.
But okay let’s talk about that kiss scene. It was really sweet and touching but…I can’t get over the fact THEY’VE ONLY KNOWN EACH OTHER FOR LIKE A WEEK. Plus he seems very obsessed with Charlotte still and that time travelling jump that we saw happen when she saw the fight between the two of them…we know something bad is going to happen.
When we were introduced to Paul and Lucy I totally imagined that was how Gwen and Gideon were going to end up like. I mean they seem so similar and yeah I know they’re all related and stuff but it was so cute…you can tell they were in love with each other and they must have a good reason for doing what they did.
I don’t know what’s going to happen next!!! I really feel something bad is going to happen especially between Gwen and Gideon because there has to be a reason why they have that fight and why their families can’t be together.

Characters: 7 points
Originality: 8 points
Plot: 7 points
Language/Style: 7 points

So in total I give this book 29 points out of 40, which is really good! It wasn’t anything absolutely special but it was good all the same, I’d definitely reread this book after I finish the series.

Favorite Part: “If were were in a film, the villain would turn out to be the least-expected person. But as we aren’t in a film, I’d go for the character who tried to strangle you.”

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  1. OMG SAME! I thought Gwen was kind of lame and whiny (i love her anyway), but I think this portrayal is actually quite accurate for people her age. I love Gideon in Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green! (He was kind of a jerk in ruby red)

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