Crossed by Ally Condie (Matched Series #2) Review

crossed So, it took me a while to finally pick up the remaining two books of this trilogy after I finished the first one around October last year, if I’m correct?

Well, if you haven’t read the first book of the series then I don’t suggest reading this review because um…hello, it’s the second book of the series. BUT if you have read the first book and you’re on the fence as to whether you should read this one and continue the series then I say this one should be CROSSED off your list (ahaha see what I did there.)

This has been one of the most pointless books I’ve read based inside a trilogy.

There was no climax.
No cliffhanger.
No plot development.

I could summarise this whole book in a small paragraph and you could then proceed to read the third book which is…a lot better to say the least. I didn’t even know whether I wanted to write this review because I don’t have much to say on it, but I guess since I started it, I might as well finish it.

Here is the Goodreads summary for all you guys:

The Society chooses everything.
The books you read.
The music you listen to.
The person you love.
Yet for Cassia the rules have changed. Ky has been taken and she will sacrifice everything to find him. And when Cassia discovers Ky has escaped to the wild frontiers beyond the Society there is hope. But on the edge of society nothing is as it seems…
A rebellion is rising. And a tangled web of lies and double-crosses could destroy everything.

I leave you with a thought I recommend you all should consider… Just search it up on Wikipedia, read the summary, and then proceed to the third book. There was no point in it, or any enjoyment. I regret having spent the 3 days I did, reading it…and that is normally a hard thing to do.


So…what happens in this book?

Cassia searches for Ky.
Cassia meets a girl called Indie.
Cassia finds Ky.
Ky is with 2 other friends.
1 dies.
Ky and co go searching for the rebellion.
Ky doesn’t want to find the rebellion.
Cassia and Indie find the map for the rebellion.
Ky decides to join rebellion.
Xavier is in the rebellion already.
They split up and go to the rebellion.
They get given posts apart.
The. End.

I mean…I mean…just…WHAT EVEN WAS THIS BOOK???

I have never been this bored, or disappointed by a second book in a trilogy then I was with this one. The writing was lazy, boring and to be quite honest, completely transparent. I felt as if Ally Condie barely tried with this one and it was just a filler book to take more money from people and stretch out a story that could…quite frankly have been a duology with the second and third book put together.

The characters felt flat and unrealistic and her attempt at dual perspective also failed in my opinion. It was exactly how I felt during Allegiant. There were no differences between the characters’ voices and opinions and mannerisms. They felt as if they were a massive blob, squashed together, and split into separate chapters under different names. I don’t even have any words to describe how unpleasant my experience was, trying to push through this book.

Language/Style: 5 points
Characters: 5 points
Story: 5 points
Plot: 4 points

Giving this book a total of 19 points out of 40.

That is a horrifying amount of points. I’ve never been able to be this harsh with a book until now but I am not going to say sorry. It’s my absolute honest opinion, which I feel is what you guys deserve and want.

Favourite Part: Everyone has something of beauty about them. But loving lets you look, and look, and look again. You notice the back of a hand, the turn of a head, the way of a walk. When you first love, you look blind and you see it all as the glorious, beloved whole, or a beautiful sum of beautiful parts. But when you see the one you love as pieces, as why’s, you can love those parts too, and it’s a love at once more complicated and more complete.” (I couldn’t really say I didn’t have a favourite part as that would just be me being stubborn, so I had to pick one.)

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