The Greek Escape by Karen Swan Book Review

greek escapeI can’t say I didn’t pick this book up because I thought it said The Great Escape. I also can’t say that I didn’t pick this book up because I saw the word Greek and thought ‘Hey! That’s my heritage! I feel obligated to buy this now.’

The book itself, was alright. I picked up in WHSmith in a 2 for 1-half-off sale and decided since I was dedicating my Masters (and life) to a publishing degree, I might as well start reading (and reviewing) as many books as I could. I have to be honest, of course. I didn’t find this book compelling, or a masterpiece. I mainly wanted to finish it because I was waiting for the characters to actually end up…in Greece.

A short summary for you:

Chloe Marston, the lead protagonist, has a fabulous job, at a concierge company, in Manhattan catering to rich and wealthy clients. A terrible accident forces her to step up and fill-in for a different, more demanding, position in the company. This makes Chloe have to work up-close-and-personal with powerful clients, one being Joe Lincoln who wants to buy a house in Greece. Chloe, is running from her past ex, who turns up in Manhattan and she jumps at the chance to run away from it all.

That’s the general gist of it all. It had a lot of side stories but I really didn’t want to write them all in, as there were so many of them. I don’t plan on writing a full-length-spoilery-filled review for this one, because honestly, I don’t recommend it.

I have read books by Karen Swan before, and they have been an absolute joy to read. This one, unfortunately, was so hard to get into. The main character was unlikeable, the ex’s relationship with the main character was horrific to sit through and all the other side characters weren’t enjoyable to read. I didn’t relate, empathise, sympathise or feel absolutely anything to the characters in this book. When events occurred, or tensions were supposed to be high, I didn’t feel worried or concerned. The “plot-twist” was okay, but, when I read a book, even just a casual holiday read, I want to feel excited when I pick it up. That was what was lacking for me with this book.

(…also…more chapters in Greece would have been nice…)

Language/Style: 5 points
Story: 4 points
Plot: 5 points
Characters: 4 points

Total: 18/40

Favourite Quote: “The image of you face-planting in your jetpack will sustain me for many weeks to come”

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