Little Moments of Love by Catana Chetwynd Mini-Review

51149366_245669449515131_3051990948650156032_nI think most people are familiar with Catana and her hilarious comic strips that she posts on her Instagram. When I heard she was releasing a book, I was desperate to own a copy

My boyfriend surprised me with a copy on our anniversary, so we sat down and flicked through the pages together, chuckling at the relatable and heartwarming drawings displayed in front of us.

Catana has a way of capturing intimate moments shared between couples in their everyday life. There were countless times I’d stop on a page and exclaim, “I do that!” elated that other people were as goofy and silly as I was, in their relationship. To be able to see the evolution of her drawings from the first strip she posted, to the established characters and shading we’re familiar with now on her platform, was also fascinating for me. Catana always adds such detail and thought into all of her comics and you can tell, especially with a collection like this.

The fact that my boyfriend and I resemble Catana’s drawn characters perfectly, (me being incredible short vs. his taller frame and beard) held that extra touch that makes this book incredibly special to me. I’d highly recommend checking out both her Instagram, as well as this book.

To be able to support emerging cartoonists and artists is something I want to do more of, which is why I wanted to include this short, but meaningful, mini-review onto my blog.

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