Hi! I’m Antonia, I’m 22, I like wine and long walks on the——-oh wait this is the wrong website.


Jokes aside, hello! meI’m Antonia, a 22-year-old literature enthusiast who needs a place where she can expose all the thoughts she has in her every-day life. Most of them are book related, some are more personal or pieces of my own creative writing. Who honestly knows where a post will go when I start writing?


I’m trying to keep to a strict schedule this 2019 (follow me to see if I succeed).

Tuesday – A Book Review
Thursday – Something Fun – literature related/maybe another review
Sunday – A Heart of Thoughts – a personal post

Started this in 2013 so, apologies, some of my reviews are extremely immature and less well-versed/developed as they are now. My goal is to at some point, review an immense amount of them and edit them so they are all of similar standard.

Other than that I just want to say thank you for checking my blog out. I appreciate every view, like and comment.


For business related enquiries you can contact me at: aheartofbooksdotcom@gmail.com 

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    1. Ahaha thank you! My novel is progressing slower than I wanted it to but hopefully it will all work out eventually ^^ Your blog is really awesome!

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