Summer Cocoon – Poem

A cool breeze of young summer air dances around the room as I lie in a cocoon of safety, warmth and, desire. The notes going from major to minor as I already know that this is not a Good Idea. You’re tip toeing around a feeling that keeps trying to escape, only to persistently push... Continue Reading →

A Heart of Thoughts: Maintaining Friendships

Friendships are one of the most complex and delicate things that humans experience throughout their life. Yet they can end up being more emotional and heartbreaking than a romantic relationship (in my opinion). One of my closest friends phrased it perfectly: When you become friends with someone, you don't have any thought in the back... Continue Reading →

Personal Essay: Love

(Written for #mentalhealthday) When you’re younger, you think you understand the concept of love. Love is thrown at you through the pristine-quality Disney movies you watch. The perfect princess meets the man she’s destined to be with forever. You read about it in stories – young girls falling for the high-school jock that ends up... Continue Reading →

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